Event in focus - Summer Camp!

Summer Camp was organised at Arundathy Upper Primary School one of Aashayein’s Shikshana Abhiyana Schools. The objective of making kids learn things that usually were not taught part of their classroom course was clearly met at this summer camp. Activities like science experiments, painting, dance, behavioural traits etc made it special. Consistent effort of volunteers made it successful. Volunteers had great fun and learning along with kids.

Camp Owners: Samta Jain, Vidhi Nagori, Vijay, Mahesh, Arjun, Shweta Gulati, Abhishek, Girish

Statistics & Details:

Average number of students benefitted - 28

Average number of volunteers participated - 10


Learnings for Children

Personality Development:

  • Children introduce themselves and their family
  • Good Morning, Thanks, Sorry etc
  • Take names with certain voice modulation and emotions
  • Pledge by children not to use abusive language and volunteers tied
  • a red ribbon to symbolize it.
Moral Stories:
  • Enacting a story (highlighting righteousness & truth).
  • Story of an instance from Gandhiji's life
  • Panchatantra, Unity is Strength videos
  • effects of habits like Pan, Gutka, etc
  • Storytelling – Story to discourage the use of abusive language

General Knowledge:

  • Alphabets, Colours, Animals, Rhymes
  • Science: Periscope, Windmill, Motor Fan and Electric Bulb using battery
  • Social: Continents, Oceans, India, States - marking & identification
  • India Map Overview - Provided details on number of states, union territories and names, Location and their specialities

New Skills:

  • Lady Finger Painting, Leaf Painting, Spray Painting
  • Mimic actions
  • Singing and Dancing


  • Concentration games like standup and sitdown in random manner.                
  • Alphabet Back game
  • Name Sequence Memory game
  • Number Sequence memory game
  • Math & Colors with Baloons
  • Left- Right Leg                                
  • Clapping in reverse order


Learnings for Volunteers


  • Planned Schedule should be floated among volunteers frequently
  • Consistency and commitment in volunteers will offer better learning and discipline
  • Availability of volunteers should be pre-known
  • Breakfast should be there on all days of the camp
  • Especially at slums and basti, a meeting with parents should be planned and registrations should be open to create seriousness among parents
  • Better coordination would have given even better results
  • Proper utilization of knowledge base should be done


  • More physical activity should be there
  • Charts should be used for easy teaching
  • A hard copy should be there with students so that they can remember everything
  • Should talk in a slow manner with children
  • Should consciously watch if children are grasping else repeat the story


  • Arrangement of Water Dispenser at the camp
  • Proper sanitation facilities at the camp should be made available

For queries, feedback please write to:

Saicharan Abhishek    saicharan.abhishek@gmail.com  or call: 9704188840

Girish Gullapudi         girish.gullapudi@aashayeinfoundation.org   or call: 9666397366

or Aashayein @ Hyderabad - info.hyd@aashayeinfoundation.org