Star Member of the Month - July 2012

Aashayein Foundation recognizes the volunteers for their exemplary work, dedication and commitment and rewards them as Star Member of the Month.

Swetha Thalluri has been selected as the Star Member of the Month for the month of July 2012, for her invaluable service at Aashayein Hyderabad.

Aashayein Foundation recognizes Swetha's  active participation in organising the various events of AF and has been consistently volunteering for SBA program. Also, most importantly AF is very happy to have Swetha, who has proactively taken the step forward in enrolling the two kids Shanti and Nani to school, this benevolent deed of her is definitely a great act of inspiration to all of us. She has also been very dynamic in identifying any issues that AF has and suggesting solutions. 

“Aashayein Foundation provides a great platform to enthusiasts of social service”, says Swetha Thalluri who is a dynamic volunteer at Aashayein. Swetha, who always wanted to indulge in some kind of humanitarian activity, started searching for a proper opportunity right from her childhood. Her first step towards fulfilling her wish was donating books to an Orphanage in Vizag.

Later, while she continued showing interest in search for the best possibility to get into service, she came to know of Aashayein and its activities through one of her friends. 'That feeling of contentment when I attended my first Sunday Breakfast Activity at Sahaya made me realize my intense desire to volunteer rather than just being a donor, and I decided that Aashayein is the medium that I have been searching for so far' says Swetha. Who knew then that this initiative of her would bring light into the lives of two under-privileged kids Shanti and Naani.


Swetha knew Shanti during her various visits to Sahaya. Swetha used to be an attendee of the organizational discussions at Sahaya. In a course of time, when the management could not run Sahaya any more, all the kids of it had to go back to their parents. Shanti was the only waif as she had no parents or relatives and Swetha was resolute to take care of her. In yet another instance, Swetha met Naani, an attentive and diligent student and also the topper of his batch in PS Bhuvana School, a school undertaken by Aashayein as a part of its Shikshana Abhiyana program. PS Bhuvana has only grades upto 5th and Naani desired to study further and in an English medium school. Swetha, as an effort to help him continue his education through the help of the BMKS project of Aashayein, enquired about ‘the Govt's new law for reservation of 25% to underprivileged in private schools’ and also approached some of the private schools nearby Naani’s house. Naani’s mother, a day labor and an ill patient, was defying sending her son to any hostel since he was the only son. When one day, Swetha came across a YouTube video about Srivyal Vuyyuri and his commendable work towards Sphoorti Foundation, she approached him and got Shanti and Naani successfully enrolled to it by convincing Naani’s parents. ‘Sphoorti is a perfect home for the kids; it provides them with a great ambience, a healthy diet, a good education and other facilities like Internet access, Dance and Music classes. Shanti and Naani are very fortunate to be taken care of by Sphoorti. The glow on their face and their affection towards me every time I go to visit them, makes me so glad that I could be of some genuine help to these kids, who have the tremendous zeal to study but not enough resources and opportunities’, says Swetha.


Swetha says all this would not have been possible without the support of her co-volunteers of Aashayein and Srivyal. She is extremely proud to be a part of Aashayein and pledges to keep her good service going for a better India and a better society.