Weekend Activity Report

8th and 9th January'2011 

 The following are the activities conducted on the second weekend of January, 2011, ending 9th January.

Sunday Breakfast Activity


This sunday, the breakfast activity was conducted at Bej Bhai Bal Nivas, Shivrampally. Report by Srinath.

By the time we reached ashram some kids were playing cricket and some of them are watching TV. Bej Bhai Bal Nivas is a boys Home and is a part of RadhaKishan Bal Bhavan. there are 60 kids, age group is 7-16 years boys. Most of them are semi orphans and kids belonging to poor families. When we enquired a kid named Rakesh, he said they completed their Half yearly exams and enjoying Sankranti Holidays. 
Ankur and his family members reached the ashram with breakfast by 8:15 AM, we served Idly, chutney, milk and banana to the kids.
After breakfast Kids enjoyed Magic Show performed by Mr.Murali, Magician. kids were amazed with his performance. Once again with all happy moments we left the place by 11:30 AM.


Special thanks to Ankur Sharma for sponsoring the breakfast.

Attached below are some pictures from the activity.

If you would like to sponsor breakfast on any occasion,
please write to


Shanthi Nilayam on 4th Jan 2011 

We also visited Shanti Nilayam on 4th January last week.  

Narender and his friends Durga, Satya from TCS visited Shantinilayam on 4th Jan 2011, their experiences follows.

Durga's experience :

  The dream has come true by visiting Shanti nilayam on my Bday because of my friends. It is situated near Khali temple, langur house. After reaching there we met a lady ( Rani ) of age around 35-40. She was so humble and received us very nicely. Its a moderate house, made first room as the office room. Then we entered into the big hall sort of room where all the children were sitting nicely waiting for us.

Rani told us that all the children are waiting for us and for their breakfast too. My friends have already informed Rani that we are going to sponsor the breakfast on that day. There are 25 children ( all are boys ) of ages 6-12. All are in their uniforms starting to go to School. After our introduction to the children they started singing the Bday song for me. It was so nice, I lost myself in that song. None of the film song or so called pop songs are that good as that Bday song. Then I have started distributing all the sweets that I have bought to everyone sitting there.
 Every one started telling me 'Happy Bday akka'. They made my day with that wish.

Breakfast started and I along with my friends started a small chit chat with Rani. The monthly expenditure of each child is 2000 rs, includes all the medical and nutritious diet. What is this medication for? Shock to listen that each and every child there are HIV positive effected. Their parents died because of the same problem and now these children are on the same page. Nilofer hospital has become their native place and Shanti Nilayam has become resident address.

The total expenditure of the house is 80k per month. There are no proper floating funds for the charity. Rani and her husband has started this charity around 3 years back and Rani's husband was a doctor. But unfortunately she lost him because of silent heart attack 3 months back. But Rani keeping her hopes high running the charity with out leaving the children in the middle of the journey.

Could not control myself after listening all the story that Rani has told us. Those children don't know that because of someone carelessness or mistakes they are the ones who are going to suffer. Children will be loosing the immunity power day by day and all the disease effects very quickly to them. If they are lacking the nutritious diet means that they are one step ahead to the heaven.
Satya's experience:
I felt very much glad to participate in such a good event. i feel happy to be with small children and to see their glowing eyes.. its our duty to help the kids and to the society. Thanks Narendra for getting such a thought-provoking one which made me participate in such a happiest occasion. we should learn a lot from the coordinator who is taking care of such kids with a lot of patience. we need to still extend our helping hands for those kids for their education, as they need financial support for getting promoted into the next class.

Special thanks and belated wishes to Durga for sponsoring the breakfast on 4th Jan!


 Bacche Mann ke Sacche
On saturday, Lokpal & Srinath visited the home and school of BMKS students of Qutubullapur and Jedimetla for monitoring purposes. They collected various data and talked to school authorities over the progress of the students. Kalyani and Nirmal visited Sphoorti Foundation to discuss about the performance about the BMKS students. On Sunday, Nirmal, Kalyani, Lokpal & Suyash visited the homes of BMKS students at Addagutta & Hamalbasti for monitoring purpose and collected valuable data. They also discussed with the parents about the performance of the students and encouraged them to participate in the education of their children. BMKS also had a conference call to discuss about the visits and formed small teams for the tracking purpose.
 Shikshana Abhiyana
  The schools were closed due to the Telangana Issue.
 Other Updates
 Suyash attended Global Social Venture Competition (GSVC) at ISB on Saturday as a panel member for prelims of judgement and evaluated 5 b-plans and presented them infront of the judges. He was also invited to mentor any 1 selected plan and attend the final of GSVC on 3-6th March, 2011.
 Star Member of the Month - November 2010

Aashayein Foundation recognizes the volunteers for their exemplary work, dedication and commitment and rewards them as  Star Member of the Month

Mubeen Ahmed Khan has been selected as the Star Member of the Month for the Month of November,2010, for his major contribution to BMKS at Borabanda, and for conducting the Children’s day at Susheela Memorial School.

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