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Movie Screening Report

It was last day for the month long summer camp “Masti “ which came to an end on Saturday ,30th may for the kids an orphanage named Aman Vedika .it ended with colourful balloons and joyful laughter of kids filled up the PVR on that day. 

There were around 150 kids invited by Aashayein to watch the animation movie “Kung Fu Panda” .Kids in the age group of 3 to 14.Even

transportation was arranged for the kids from their place to the PVR where the movie was screened .Kids were too excited by the opportunity of being in a multiplex for the first time in their life. They enjoyed the movie thoroughly, asking questions and passing innocent comments on every scene. During break, popcorn and cold drinks were served to kids, which was a pleasant surprise for them. They were lost in eating and drinking and watching movie and playing with balloons.    

We also had invitees with us who has helped in making the event a success by buying and sponsoring tickets. It was a memorable day for all the people involved. The invites included people from media who were equally involved in bringing those innocent smiles on their faces which made the day one of the most memorable for every one. 

In Yogi’s words, it was unbelievable! he said ”It was a wonderful idea to showcase a movie for the kids, I wonder who came up with this. The kids were all excited and were very happy. The kind of experience they had was really heart touching for them, which I hope they will remember it for life long. I felt a lot happier helping and being with the kids. It was a tremendous pleasure for me to serve the kids and share my love to them. I really wish I could give more to the kids and wish the same from everyone of our status. I hope to see many more activities coming ahead for the kids of Aman Vedika, with a little more effort on planning and time spent on them. Thanks a lot for all the dedication shown by the members of the Aashayein Foundation."

After the movie we took pics with the kids and they participated with enthusiasm. Then it was time to leave, and all of us took the kids to buses, arranged for their transportation. They left PVR with sparkling eyes, happily waving to us.   

A thank you note for all those peple who made this event colourful!

Find the media clippings attached!

More pics here : MovieForACausePVRCinemas

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