Roles and Responsibilities

On 13th June, Sunday, we have 2nd All Volunteers Meet at 5 p.m. in the evening at Sushila Memorial School, Punjagutta for the discussion of these responsibilities, feedback, issues, concerns of individual members. Members can raise up a range of issues in front of the core team of Hyderabad chapter and they would be answering them. So, plz come for this Open House Meeting

By 10th June, various roles and positions within the individual teams would be decided. These positions would be filled up from the various nominations received from members. so, in case, someone wants to take the responsibility of a particular team, he/she would have to 1st nominate himself/herself for the team. After 30th May, nominations for various positions would be opened and interested members can apply for them. In case, we have more than 1 member for any position, decision would be made by the existing core team and various parameters would be: previous positions held in AF, amount of responsibility discharged, previous track record in AF, competency level, skills, proactiveness and others. Decision of core team would be final and binding

By 20th June, all teams alongwith their anchors and various positions would be decided and published

 By 30th June, team anchors after discussing with the individual members would decide upon the specific responsibility to be assigned to the member. This process would involve the agreement of the team anchor, and the individual member who has nominated himself/herself for that particular team.

During 1st week of July, every team would have 1st meeting where expectations from the team would be set and various timelines, deliverables, targets, etc would be decided and set. This process would involve team anchors, team members and the core team/governing body of Hyd

Every team would have a probationary period of 6 months starting from 1st July to 31st Dec 2010. Depending upon their performances, their tenure would be extended. Same applies for anchors, and other core/governing body members of Hyderabad chapter. 

 So, start nominating yourselves and be a part of a new, revitalized face of Aashayein....

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May 17, 2010, 2:21 PM