Star Member of the Month - December 2011

Gayatri Vedanabhatla has been selected as the Star Member of the Month for the month of December 2011, for her contribution to Communications Team at Aashayein Hyderabad.

Please read the interview of her on life, Aashayein and her views.


1. Tell us something about yourself.    

 Born and brought up in Vizag, I go about 'singing a song when things go wrong'. Quite casual and an open book.

2. What are your hobbies?

Singing is something which keeps me going all the time. Am a hobbyist photographer and painter. I love travelling and writing too.

3. Mention about your professional life.

A software engineer since 5 years. Currently working for Cognizant Technology Solutions.

4. When did you join Aashayein Foundation and why did you join it?

From childhood, I always wanted to involve in some welfare work. During the initial years of my employment, I used to donate via an internal welfare group within Cognizant called Man Towards Kindness. In 2009, one of my colleagues was distributing the Aashayein WalkON pamphlets, which actually introduced Aashayein to me. I checked the website and was very impressed with their objectives…I joined them in 2010.  After attending a few SB activities, since March 2011, I have been contributing to the Communications team.

 5. Which has been the most memorable day in Aashayein for you?

I would probably say it is yet to come. But, I remember very well the first Sunday Breakfast Activity I attended, the spirit of the orphan kids amazed me, inspired me and my desire to do my bit to help their betterment increased.

6. What are your expectations from Aashayein?

Aashayein is about all of us together. We are already heading very well towards the goal, staying united and responsible will help us reach it easily!

7. Tell us 2 things that you like in Aashayein and 2 areas that need more attention and how can we work on them?

The objectives of Aashayein, the amazing spirit and the commendable involvement of its volunteers, the way it's connecting to the many children of India.

Areas that need more attention:

Volunteer Management - Identifying the really interested and active volunteers, dividing them into categories based on their interests and availability, streamlining the duties of them, that is dividing the volunteers into appropriate groups and tasks..and if possible looking at rotating the responsibilities once in every 6 months, so that everybody can get involved into everything that goes on.

8. What are the different responsibilities that you would like to handle in Aashayein?

I would like to continue in the Communications Team. Would like to organise the Sunday Breakfast Activity and other episodic events.

9.  Where would you like to see Aashayein in 5 years from now?

Would like to see Aashayein flourish in many more cities accross India as a self-sufficient NGO providing bright future to many more kids. Would like to see the kids who are being attended now by Aashayein reach great heights, and stand as examples to what education can really do!

10. Any message for Aashayein and its members.

Tremendous job all of you! Stay united and stay connected..way to go.. :)