Lalitha Anepu

 Lalitha is a regular member to SBA, managed a few and had made very good contribution to Walk ON with a good sale of tickets at HCU and increased volunteer base from the university. The interview of her on life, Aashayein and her views.
Tell us something about yourself.     
    I am Lalitha Anepu doing my masters in H.C.U basically from vizag. Inspired by my father I was always willing to work for needy which was not possible for me until  I joined Aashayein. My mother is my biggest asset and dearest to me.
What are your hobbies? 
   I love singing and always listening to music, movies, books, and games are other hobbies.
Mention about your professional life.
     {Student Yet.}
When did you join Aashayein Foundation and why did you join it?
    I joined aashayein in july 2009.One weekend, I attended SBA activity with my friend which inspired me to join aashayein. Also my interest, right from childhood to work for poor and needy made me join aashayein. 
Which has been the most memorable day in Aashayein for you? 
    Two places of  SBA activity 
        Home for HIV patients at Miyapur and Home for mentally retarded at West Maredapally.
These made my  day most memorable as the kids were really enthusiastic and extraordinary. I could not believe my eyes as to how the kids with severe health problems at a young age are so lively and enthusiastic.
What are your expectations from Aashayein? 
    Increase the activities, counduct outings for kids from places who cannot afford to do so.
Tell us 2 things that you like in Aashayein and 2 areas that need more attention and how can we work on them?
     The activities and contibutions from members of aashayein are very inspiring.
What are the different responsibilities that you would like to handle in Aashayein? 
      I wish to participate in many other activities of aashayein and also plan and initiate some activities. 
 Where would you like to see Aashayein in 5 years from now?
    I would like see aashayein spread across the nation working with high aims and see that we eradicate illteracy to the maximum extent. 
 Any message for Aashayein and its members. 
      Work for the poor and needy it is always a great satisfaction and you really feel you have achieved something in your life.