Star Member of the Month - April 2010

Aashayein Foundation recognizes every month the star member of the month for their exemplary work, dedication and commitment.

For April, 2010: Snehith A has been chosen as the Star Member of the Month for April 2010 for "
" His consistent contribution as a member of AF Communications Team and his and  tremendous contribution to Walk ON '09. Beautiful Emails you see every week are his creations"
Please read the interview of his on life, Aashayein and his views.

Tell us something about yourself.     
Hellos ! This is Snehith Allamraju.I was born in Kakinada and brought up in Hyderabad. Im an Electronics and communications graduate from Scient Institute of Technology, and have been working as a Software Engineer for the past three years.

What are your hobbies? 
   My hobbies vary from blogging, singing, graphic designing, photography, playing the guitar, cooking(Yeah!),reading and painting. Though each of them might take their turns over a period of six months, i still manage to spend some time on each of them, so would consider all of them in my list.   

Mention about your professional life.
   Ive been working in Infosys Technologies limited for the past three years in the SAP BI domain. Im currently adorning the role of a Senior systems Engineer.
When did you join Aashayein Foundation and why did you join it?

   I joined Aashayein foundation in September last year, mainly with the purpose of using my designing capabilities for the weekly mailers. I got to know about the organization through Deepti Alla. I just felt that revamping the mailer and the way communication in AF was being done, by adding colour to it, would indirectly be adding colours to the children’s lives.

Which has been the most memorable day in Aashayein for you? 
   The most memorable for me in Aashayein would be the night before Walk On’09. We had a night out on necklace road to prepare the venue for the D-day, and we literally traced the entire stretch of the walk on our bikes and on walk for more than 5-6 times and decorated the entire stretch with banners and pamphlets. Another unforgettable instance would be my first SBA activity at Forum for Street children.
What are your expectations from Aashayein? 
   I would only expect AF to continue the way it is in terms of serving children and doing every bit in making the lives of underprivileged children better.And i hope i can contribute as much as i can like all others to make it happen, and eradicate illiteracy among the underprivileged.

Tell us 2 things that you like in Aashayein and 2 areas that need more attention and how can we work on them?

    Good things:

    a)      I love the transparency that stems from the roots of the organization. There is not a single instance where in i have seen that people ask for some information, and they do not get it.

    b)  I take pride in the fact that it is all run by students and young professionals, and we are accountable to no one as a hierarchy except the children whom we are serving, and the volunteers, and members who form our strength.

  • Thing to Improve:

  • a)      Consistency in terms of handling communication related issues,such as mailers being punctual, and complete in all respects, ( Yeah i am the one who needs to work on it J ) as well as the web site being up to date with every information available.
  • b) More volunteer meets, in order to make them feel at home, and feel important, for they are the ones who run the show.

What are the different responsibilities that you would like to handle in Aashayein? 
  I would love to handle the entire wing of communications at AF, and ofcourse be the volunteer any day ( provided i can spend some time L ) for any activity under the AF umbrella. And one day, may be, in the core team, that provides the inspiration and moves AF forward. 

Where would you like to see Aashayein in 5 years from now?
  I would like to see Aashayein in a position where in people recognize the true spirit and the efforts being put in to make every aspect of underprivileged children’s life better, and i am sure that day is not far ahead where Aashayein Foundation would be the inspiration to instill that one thought in people’s minds that they should be socially conscious.

Any message for Aashayein and its members. 
  Our logo symbolises the cause we are working for. The small boy and the girl in the logo who represent the essence of childhood and the little nothings of it, which most of the poor and neglected children miss. I would urge each and every volunteer/member working for AF to only think of the cause when they work, and nothing else, and it is only then we would serve the organization in its true spirit.