Star Member of the Month: August

Aashayein Foundation recognizes every month the star member of the month for their exemplary work, dedication and commitment.

For August, 2009: Anweshi has been chosen as the Star Member of the Month for August 2009 for her commitment and dedication towards projects like Bacche Mann ke Sacche and Shikshana Abhiyana. She is looking after the BMKS kids of Saraswati Shishu Mandir, She is also the school anchor for PS Bhuvana. Since Aashayein volunteers have started activities in this school very recently, mobilizing volunteers was a big task. But she was able to find and motivate new volunteers in her own company and due to this, AF has found out new members. 

Please read the interview of her on life, Aashayein and her views.

Tell us something about yourself.
Hi, I am Anweshi. I am from Hyderabad. We are a family of 5 members. My father is a retired employee from HMT and mother is a
house-wife. I have 2 younger sisters. 3 of us are Software Professionals.  

My parents always wanted us to be independent and gave freedom to pursue our dreams. They are part of many other philanthropic works too, probably that got inherited in me. :)  

What are your hobbies? 
I love reading books, especially suspense and thrillers.  

Mention about your professional life.
I am working for Microsoft.  I have been in Software Industry for about 10 years now.  I started working from the age of 18 years, so do not wonder on the numbers of years I worked :).  

      My first love is technology, and the second is to explore solutions for social issues. 
When did you join Aashayein Foundation and why did you join it?
II was associated with Aashayein from April 2009. Before joining Aashayein I was involved in other social activities but did not take it up so seriously till I joined here.

There is a good reason why I joined Aashayein. I was looking for an NGO which would impart education for 4 kids who were residing in my locality. I started looking for some NGOs which would help me in this cause. But none of the NGOs appealed me.  Finally, one day Nitin from Microsoft posted about Aashayein. I got in touch with Girish and explained my requirement. His response was amazing and redirected me to BMKS program and asked me if I was interested to spend my time for BMKS. I was excited to hear about it and thought it would be very good opportunity for me to investigate on the social issues. Finally, along with these 4 kids, we identified 7 more kids in KPHB area and got admission in to Saraswathi Shishu Mandir. I thank Aashayein for giving me this platform to fulfill my dreams.

Which has been the most memorable day in Aashayein for you? 
The most memorable day in Aashayein was June 13 2009, which was the day when my mission was accomplished :) i.e.,  getting these kids admission in to the school. I could see smiles on the faces of kids and parents, the experience was amazing. I am looking forward to achieve more such dreams come true, through Aashayein.
What are your expectations from Aashayein? 
Aashayein is doing a phenomenal job. Not many expectations but I would expect Aashayein to focus on improving the livelihood of the poor.

Tell us 2 things that you like in Aashayein and 2 areas that need more attention and how can we work on them?
The most amazing part about Aashayein  is, its driving force.  Sometimes I feel  lazy during weekends but the team we have is awesome. They push you and you realize it, “what am I doing, wasting all my weekend!!! come-on getup” :)
The commitment this team shows is awesome and they have passion to make a difference in the lives of the poor and I really appreciate each and every one for their work.
Nothing as such on improvements. It’s doing good job.   

What are the different responsibilities that you would like to handle in Aashayein? 
  I am currently part of BMKS and SA. I would like to be part of the core issues related to NGO Management and to provide innovative ideas for its sustenance.

here would you like to see Aashayein in 5 years from now?
I would like to see the following 2 things happen 5 years down the line. 
  • Aashayein is primarily in to kid’s education. I would like Aashayein to focus on uplifting the livelihood of the poor.
  • Implement a revenue generating mechanism with some innovative ideas,  by which Aashayein has long sustainability.
Any message for Aashayein and its members. 
YOU GUYS ROCK!!. Please continue the incredible work, you all are doing. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Suyash and Anvesh for showing me the direction and giving opportunity to implement my thoughts.

“God created everyone for a purpose, some find and some don’t” and I strongly feel everyone in Aashayein have found purpose of their lives :) . Keep up the good work!!!