Star Member of the Month: July

Aashayein Foundation recognizes every month the star member of the month for their exemplary work, dedication and commitment.

For July, 2009: Deepti Alla has been chosen as the Star Member of the Month for July 2009 for her tremendous contributions for SBA.

Please read the interview of her on life, Aashayein and her views.

Tell us something about yourself.
Hi!  I am Deepti, born and brought up in Hyderabad. I am an engineering graduate with CS degree and have been working as a software engineer for the past 2 years. By nature i'm gregarious .. I like to interact with people, know about lot of things, enjoy the way i'm living and do a bit of service to the society
What are your hobbies? 
primarily Reading. I have loads of pastimes but I specifically dont dedicate time to any particular interest. I just do it out of impulse.. 
Mention about your professional life.
 I've been working with Infosys Technologies Ltd. for the past 2 years. 
When did you join Aashayein Foundation and why did you join it?
I've joined Aashayein in January and I got to know it through Girish Gullapudi through the Infosys Bulletin board. I was very keen about doing such work how much ever possible.. This is my way of contributing to society even if it's miniscule !!  
Which has been the most memorable day in Aashayein for you? 
Many.! :) for me, everytime I go serving breakfast at different places, the smile on people's faces is beyond expression! I get immense satisfaction that the effort which goes behind it seems zilch! Few to mention were my visits to Aman Vedika , Musheerabad; Ashray Akruti (school for deaf children) and Arundathi School in Narayanaguda.  
What are your expectations from Aashayein? 
expectations.. hmm! Well.. there's nothing as such! Everything has to happen gradually . I wish that it lives up to its name achieving the goals step by step and we as volunteers have to make it happen. The point to mention is .. people (volunteers) come and go but the foundation activities must be functioning. as they say, the show must go on! :D 
Tell us 2 things that you like in Aashayein and 2 areas that need more attention and how can we work on them?

Two things I like :
  • I like the way each of tracks and its acitvities are handled! There are extremely experienced people who spearhead each of them and ensure that all of these run smoothly week over week. the dedication is commendable despite the busy schedules.
  • Fair means and transparent way of working. staying out of corruption and getting things done is not easy! and Aashayein is one organisation which runs  on ethics. i'm proud of that fact!
Two things need to Improved :
  • Website :). I look forward to the day when we'll have volunteer mail ids, discussion threads and blogs on the site. People these days are very web friendly and there's a high possibility that they'll check the site before getting associated with the foundation.
  • media front - we need people from all walks of life. more the diversity,  more will be exposure we get and we can do a lot of work in reaching out people. 

What are the different responsibilities that you would like to handle in Aashayein? 
 Apart from SBA,  I would want to take an active role in bettering the site. Since it is the face of organisation and many will access it... Also, I look forward to join the SA activity regularly.. though teaching is not my cup of tea, I can interact with kids and indulge in conducting activities and boosting them up!  
here would you like to see Aashayein in 5 years from now? 
  • Doing collaboration work with other NGOs to spread its wings and explore various areas where we can serve people.
  • To spread over many more cities.
  • To get into Social entrepreneuring if possible! that's how we can empower people!   
Any message for Aashayein and its members. 
The best part of Aashayein is its Integrity. With integrity comes respect amongst people. Please preserve it and we as members should do that!